KKFF Representative Surveying a Rural FarmerThree individual farmers as well as three member groups (comprised of 20-member farmers each) participated in KKFF’s delayed marketing program during the time period of this study. To determine the effects of their warehouse receipts program on the livelihoods of their members, KKFF organized four focus group discussions between November 2009 and April 2010. Average attendance per discussion was approximately 20 member farmers.

Specifically, KKFF hoped to gather information from members on the following questions:

  • Did members receive better sales prices for their crops after participating in the delayed marketing program?
  • Did members observe less crop damage and loss after storage in KKFF’s warehouses?
  • In addition to the bridge loans provided by KKFF, were members able to access additional funds from financial institutions using proof of their warehouse commodity?
  • Did the farmers experience increased risk reduction through KKFF’s delayed marketing program?
  • How did the members view KKFF’s quality control and grading procedures?
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