About KKFF

KKFF LogoKazhi Kadaimadai Farmers Federation (KKFF) was founded in 2006 as a post- tsunami response program to rehabilitate affected coastal farming communities in the Nagapattinam district of Tamil Nadu state in southern India. KKFF is a farmer-owned and managed community-based organization with a board of trustees periodically elected by the member farmers.


KKFF’s mission is to address pressing development needs and issues of rural farmers at the grassroots level. Major areas of work include institution building, risk reduction, economic risk mitigation, microfinance, infrastructure development and agricultural entrepreneurship. KKFF provides credit for agriculture activities to members as well as quality inputs and agro-advisory support to enhance productivity.

KKFF’s Partnerships

KKFF maintains a number of integral partnerships with local organizations including research institutions, insurance providers and ekgaon technologies. With ekgaon, KKFF provides weather alerts and forecasts to farmers on their mobile phones to reduce risk in agriculture production. KKFF and ekgaon are also currently working towards developing an agro-advisory system to support and promote better nutrient management practices among farmers.


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